What is Project Beauty?

It's a movement to show ... "we are enough....just as we are".
Life races by at the speed of light, social media consistently reminds us that there is always something new just on the horizon - whether that be fashion oriented, makeup-related, or the newest tech thing on the block - everything is new and improved. There are so many expectations to do this, and be that. Our perceived imperfections are what make us who we are....perfect just the way we are. Nothing more, nothing less. Inner beauty is a strength and an asset.

Let's take a moment to stop and say ... "Hey - I am more than enough without any of those things. I am perfect just the way I am. These photos bring it back to a basic white shirt and jeans, no makeup, no fancy hair, just you - raw and beautiful.

Welcome to Project Beauty.

Be real, be you. You're worth it - and you're fabulous!

- Carole

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